Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Heard 4W6AL come up as I was heading out the door with diversity off he was totally uncopiable. With diversity on he was copiable. Apparently NO one else in the states was copying as the only caller beside a lonely AI9 station, was a FM2 and a bunch of JA's My band noise was -112 dBm very noisy even with the filters collapsed down to 25 hz. As I tuned I was thinking how if I had the filters opened up to lets say 250hz or 500 hz this guy would be totally uncopiable, and just how precise click tuning with skimmer and DXlab's Spot Collector really is. To use 25hz filters you have to be exactly on freq. A few hz and the station is out of your passband. Virtually impossible to do with a knob.

When I hear E. Timor its a good sign the bands are returning to those blessed winter time conditions