Saturday, October 31, 2009


This morning I'm sitting at the radio. It's 8:30 and I've been here for about an hour or an hour and a half. I have the head phones on and I'm reading the mail on a couple of guys down on 40CW while I'm checking email and reading the Flex list, checking Drudge etc. I pretty much just get my news from Drudge anymore since the rest of the media is basically out to lunch and at least if the world blows up Drudge will put a couple of spinning bubble gum machines and give you the head line


Fortunately I did not read that headline rather it was about all the movie stars that are sucking up to Obama. Guess that means I'll live through the day. I glance over at the panadapter on PSDR and here is what I see

Pile ups are very distinctive in their appearance. You can see all the stations in the middle of the screen piled up on each other. When this started it was just three or four really loud stations calling the P29 all basically on the same frequency. I'm thinking what the heck is this???? It almost looked like some kind of weird new multi channel digital signal like Olivia or something because it was a bunch of signals in a tiny little bandwidth. It's 8:30, the DX is usually well down into the sun noise by now, the gray line has moved on to New Orleans and the best I'm gonna do as far as DX goes is call Chicago. Now I like Chicago. I'm from Chicago, but as far as DX goes Chicago ain't it.

I flip down to this "pile of signals" and try to find the DX and loud as heck is P29VLR working the pile. With Skimmer I quickly determine where he is listening. He is moving up the pile working the next station in line he can hear, and then moving on up the pile to the next station 100hz up or what ever. I check the bandswitch on my AL80B and its set to 40M. I flip on the amp. I use a AL80B on most of my contacts because I can just flip it on and be ready to transmit if the amp is all tuned up. I put myself in his line of movement and BANG he's in the log. I look over at the SpotCollector (my DX cluster program from DXlab) and he is just now showing up on the cluster and I already have him in the log. In a couple of minutes I see that station spotted on 80M but I am way too far past gray line for that QSO. The guys in Texas have a shot at that one, but FL is dead meat. I then see a DU9 and a KH0 spotted on 40, but by now its 9 am and the sun owns my receiver as far as propagation goes and its time to go call CQ Chicago. Pretty soon I won't be able to even hear Chicago. HMMM if I had a remote base Flex station in California I could still get in on the fun.....

I check for some dope on P29LVR. P29VLR is operational on New Guinea for only a few days from Oct 27-31. It is now their evening on the 31st, probably just a couple hours from pull the plug time. Were it not for the F5K and its panadapter I doubt I would have even noticed