Saturday, August 7, 2010

So where do we go from here

Sorry I haven been absent for the past 6 months. My professional life has been basically sucking the breath out of my hobby time and I haven't had much time or energy to devote to my ham radio and blogging duties. Hopefully things are slowing down to enough of a dull roar that I can allow my ADD to take over and start to populate this blog with some new information.

Since my last post Flex has released the F1500.

I don't have one yet but hope to obtain one in the near future. I got to play with a prototype at Orlando earlier this year, and if you are interested in learning something about SDR but don't want to invest a lot of money this is the way to go. For $649 you will have a fully functional SDR QRP rig with all the bells and whistles of PowerSDR. More to follow on this little beauty

They also have the UHF/VHF module for the F5K. Above is a picture of this transverter board installed inside the F5K. This module has a VHF UHF transverter of 60 watts each and allows full duplex and crossband operation in all modes supported including satellite, repeaters etc. PowerSDR is already fully complaint with all transverters. I used a TenTec transverter with my SDR-1000 set up and it worked great for SSB and CW

Here is a shot of the transverter set up screen in PSDR

In this shot I have highlighted 5 transverters. Note you can adjust virtually every parameter necessary to get a transverter working LO freq direction of VFO such that a LO that tunes from low to high or high to low will cause the readouts on PSDR to be correct. It controls any preamps and the IF gain of those as well as power output on a per band basis so you don't fry your transverter

Here is a shot of the normal PSDR band switch

Note the VHF+ button in the lower left Here is what you get when have set up the transverter form such as I did above and you tick this button

Pushbutton access to all of your transverters automatically configured.

Here is a shot of PSDR with the 2M button pressed

I do not have my 2 meter transverter hooked up at present so this is a bit of a mock up but as you can see all of the PSDR horsepower is ready to go.

On the other fronts, we continue to work on improving the SO2R nature of the radio and work out a few bugs. Steve K5FR is redesigning DDUTIL's contesting engine into a server client model which should substantially speed up things in the CAT channel and improve responsiveness. We are looking at designing a contest interface that mates specifically with PSDR so with a contest front end and a well honed DDUTIL back end things are getting interesting. More to follow as things progress