Sunday, June 7, 2009

More 6M

I've been busy with family and this and that. On the flex reflector I read this post by W9DR regarding his experience comparing a F3K with the F5K. The results are interesting to say the least. I'm not much of a 6M op, but his conclusion is also my impression

Thanks to Stew, W4MO, I compared his SDR-3000 to my
SDR-5000A on 6 meters. Here
are the results.

I did an "A-B" test using an antenna of stacked 7
element 31 foot M2's with 1/2 wave spacing and
phased by a W8IF HB Q-Bar. The test was mainly to
find out how the receiver of each would perform on
weak signal 6 meters work. The band was NOT open.
The SDR-3000 would put out 100 watts as well the
SDR-5000A on transmit. I ran the same software
(Pretty Betty) on each radio.

The SDR-3000 had the same sensitivity as the
SDR-5000A......BUT...... the SDR-5000 HAD a 6 meter
preamp in the loop! The SDR-3000 needs NO preamp.
I did try the AR2 preamp on the SDR-3000 but it did
NOT improve the signal to noise! The SDR-5000A
HAS to have a 6 meter preamp for weak signal work!

So, the SDR-3000 is a GREAT 6 meter rig RIGHT OUT
OF THE BOX! The K3 Elecraft needs a preamp, or
Elecraft would not build a stand alone 6 meter preamp
for it. ($149.95)

I did use the SDR-3000 during a 6 meter band opening
....(100 db signals) and it performed as well as
the SDR-5000.

All I can say is, thank you FlexRadio for building
a rig that works great on 160- 6 meters. When the
word gets out that the SDR-3000 works great on 6
meters, the 6 meter weak signal guys will want one.
You can't go wrong for $1600 with all the features
of the panadapter, noise blankers and constant

Dave, W9DR