Monday, June 1, 2009

This is a picture of my signal on the panadapter of the Netherlands WEBSDR receiver. The noise floor is -108 dBm and I am running about -82 dBm. I'm the station at 7010. Notice the key clicks on some of the other stations vs my signal. The good old Flex is pretty well click free. I took this picture as the beta test group was wringing out some tweaks to the CW aspect of the radio and I thought it would be cool to take a pic of how the signal looks and pass it around, as well as listen to how it sounds. Clean as a button. I was checking out the keying and was able to do 60 wpm QSK at 10ms delay with no problem with the present iteration. I never use 10ms delay, I generally use 60ms but it works just fine at 10ms

I moved that little tuner out to the antenna today, and it tunes up great. I taped it up in a big baggie to temporarily water proof it till I can get a something better. It was interesting that the tuner has something like 8000 memories and I generally used just one or at best 4 on any band 80-10. Lot of wasted memories I guess. This evening I was following the grey line across Europe as Europe woke up and made about a dozen DX contacts with this wire, 3 radials and 100W with signal strength between S5 and S9 in the reports. No one had a bit of trouble hearing me. Goes to show you, you can have a hell of a LOT of fun with 200ft of wire flipped up in a tree and strung out on the ground.