Friday, November 13, 2009

An interesting conundrum

This morning I was tuning 160. XR0Y was on 1823 working a pileup UP 1.5 khz. TX3A was on 1830.7 working a pileup DOWN 5 khz. This basically means the actual pile ups were on top of each other!!!

This presents an interesting problem. What happens if you dump it in on say 1825 and you are listening on 1823 and the guy up on 1830.7 answers you? Do you miss the contact? Not with the F5K you don't

You just do an ALT-CLT D with the keyboard and you are in TRIPLEX mode. You set RX A to 1830.7 and RX B to 1823 and the TX to 1825. Then after you transmit, you can listen for replies from BOTH stations and just work whomever answers you!!! HIram Percy give you lemons? Make Lemonade :)

Way Too Cool