Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Diversity

Here is P49V in the contest:

Note I have some local broadband noise on the low end of 20. You can see it on Skimmer. It looks like P49V and the rest are in a snow storm. Down in FL we have a phenomena that I haven't seen any where else. It can literally rain across the street (300ft or so away) and not be raining where you are standing. If you look at the top of the skimmer screem you can almost see this phenomena HK3UA is in the clear. With the present version of the diversity control you can null out the noise and usually find a spot that peaks the signal at the same time. Here is a shot of the noise nulled out:

If you look at the top panadapter you can see I gain a good 15dBm of signal to noise. I didn't notch for max signal to noise, I notched for best signal to noise while improving P49V's relative signal strength in my headphones.

Here is an audio clip of what this all sounds like. The signal starts out in the noise then I switch diversity on then off then on


I have more fun that should be allowed with this radio