Thursday, April 9, 2009

3000 announcement

I'm going to cop out today and reprint Gerald's announcement on the 3K status. We are in the middle of house remodeling. The roof is done, I have new hardy board siding, we are mostly painted, and now the windows are about half in, so my mind isn't in SDR land this week. The trades aren't busy right now so it's a good time to get it done from both a price and getting the work done perspective. One of the guys who does landscaping around here has this on the side of his truck:

"We're different than all the rest..... We show up"

Cracks me up. I figure I've put about 1/4 of the populations around here to sleep so you get to know a lot of people over time. I did the epidural on my general contractors wife when she delivered their baby. It's spring and life is good

I'm very excited about the new 3K. I have one on order and I will be doing some review when mine shows up. I think I'm going to install it on a core 2 duo Lenovo Thinkpad with XP and a Samlex PS for testing. I may take it out to field day this year and see how it behaves in an environment of kludged up multiple transmitters. I may rig up a couple of 40M verticals down by the water's edge using some of these fiberglass poles and phase them.

Dear FLEX-3000 customers,

We are pleased to inform you that we are very close to first production
shipments of the new FLEX-3000. Circuit board assembly is nearing
completion and we expect final testing to begin early next week. If all
goes as expected, we plan to begin shipments by the end of next week.

The FLEX-3000™ is the newest member of FlexRadio Systems' high performance
fully Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceiver family. The FLEX-3000 is a
"direct descendant" of the FLEX-5000™, the full-featured, world-class
software defined radio transceiver for amateur use. Using the same FireWire
infrastructure as the FLEX-5000, the FLEX-3000 offers ham radio operators a
mid-range priced SDR that will continue to "just keep getting better" with
new performance and operating features. Moreover, new features can be had
trough free software updates downloaded over the Internet.

As with all FlexRadio Systems transceivers, the real power of the FLEX-3000
is unleashed when it is combined with FlexRadio's PowerSDR™ software. This
is the same software that is used by all FlexRadio Systems fully Software
Defined Radios.
In addition to the information listed above, there is also an extensive
Product Comparison Matrix on the web site that provides side-by-side feature
comparison of all FlexRadio Systems fully software defined radios.

Thanks to all of you who pre ordered the FLEX-3000 and have been waiting
patiently. We are confident you will agree that it was worth the wait.