Monday, April 13, 2009

This one will blow your mind

I was listening to SO4R tonight band noise was -103dBm (about S-4) with bad static. The SO4 was peaking about 6 db out of the noise. Some lid came on his freq with a carrier virtually zero beat, and as you can see the lid was a good 20dB louder than the SO4. (For comparison the SO4's relative strength was about like the station that is at 3505)

I started playing around with my controls trying to copy him. I decided to just wait till the bastard exited so I turned on the ANL to notch him out. When the ANL finished its notch I could hear the SO4 UNDER THE CARRIER. They were virtually zero beat only a few hz off at most but it was all I needed to hear the 20dB weaker DX station. What I heard was not a normal CW signal but it was like I was hearing a subtraction product of the carrier and the SO4, but I could clearly copy what I was hearing. I worked him a little later. I can't even imagine how that worked, but it sure did!!