Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flexwire I/O progress

The latest is out at DDUTIL regarding the progress on the Flexwire I/O Here are some shots of the prototype

The present design thrust is to add ALC to the F5K for use with a linear amplifier. An ADC has been added to sense and sample ALC voltage in a feedback loop. This is particularly useful with some of the transistor linear amps. Each socket has essentially 2 ports, One port follows for either VHF or HF bandswitching and one does not, DDUTIL has a macro function that will allow keyboard control of outputs that are not tied to bandswitching so for example if you want a switch that could put your linear in standby or a switch that actually powers up your linear that could be added to the mix quite easily. You say "why would I want to do that?" How does DXing by the pool sound, or maybe from across the country? In fact you could add a means to turn the F5K on and all you would have to do is start your remote desktop, start DDUTIL, power up your amp and F5K, then start PowerSDR and you would be ready to go. You could have DDUTIL do that macro all from one button press. DDUTIL can even turn your beam for you

Have a look