Sunday, May 24, 2009

Atlantis Returns

Its been 3 days and the WX has been terrible here in FL. Today it's gorgeous, but I guess it's prettier in California so Atlantis will be touching down at Edwards instead of Kennedy. The de-orbit burn has just been completed and the die is cast. However they get her home safely is that matters but I do love those twin sonic booms as the shuttle passes over my house on its final approach. The first is from the leading edge and the second is from a trailing edge.

I got up early to listen to Niue again. Not as loud as yesterday but still very respectable. He was on 40M and I was hoping for 80 or 160, but I am in the log so what the heck. In the mean time I am at work listening to 40CW on WEBSDR The crew is almost home and life is good on the east coast of FL!