Monday, May 18, 2009

Sell in May and Go Away

The old stock market refrain is sell in May and go away and it refers to the fact traditionally stocks are in the doldrums in the summer. It also seems to be true of summer time low band ham radio operation.

I swung through the bands this morning and the results were dismal. Only 4 stations were visible on the low end of 40. Eventually I scrubbed the noise and found a German 1dBm out of the noise. My band noise was -126 with static to -100dBm. NO stations were visible on 80M. There wasn't one station on 80 in the DX area. There was one lone QSO going on in the QRP part of the band

For the first time in weeks I saw one lone JA station calling on 160, and a "one lander" bravely calling CQ about 4 khz below him. Too bad they were on different frequencies. Its also too bad they don't have a panadapter so they could see each other. It was obvious they were both pining for a QSO. My band noise on 160 was in the -117 dBm area with static up -97 dBm.

If you look closely at the above skimmer screen you can see the 2 stations on 160M