Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mo' better Skimmer

We made some changes to the Skimmer set up in DDUTIL that gives finer control over the water fall clicking behavior for various modes. Mack W4AX came up with the nidas of the idea, I expanded the idea to cover the various modes including diversity and that computer genius Steve K5FR made it so.

Here is the truth table

If different controls in PSDR are active how CWS controls each VFO is a bit different, but it is totally logical and transparent in its implementation.

In the case where RX 1 is active and split is off the waterfall in CWS controls VFO A

Notice split is off and VFO B is dark

If you have RX1 AND split turned on the waterfall controls VFO B, which in this case is the transmit VFO

Notice Split is on and VFO B is lighted Also notice in skimmer that VFO B has changed to the same freq I clicked 7016

If you have RX1 and RX 2 but no split and no VFO sync then skimmer waterfall controls VFO A

Note I clicked 7017 on the waterfall and VFO A changed to 7017

With RX1 RX2 on and VFO sync on both VFO A and B follow the click choice on the waterfall

Note VFO A is synced with VFO B and both VFO's are tuned by clicking the waterfall. This is diversity mode. You will transmit on the VFO A freq.

Finally if you have the above but you add split, the TX VFO becomes active and clicking around on the waterfall causes this VFO to change

This set up allows you to change from CWS controlling the receive VFO (normally VFO A) when split is not active (transceive mode) to controlling the TX VFO (either VFO B or VFO TX) when split is active. It means you do not need 2 lines coming from CWS anymore, only one line. Clicking split in PSDR does the magic from changing between VFO A and VFO B

Perfect for pileups OR just casual clicking and no having to dig into menus on CWS to choose radio 1 or radio 2.

Here is a quote from Mack:

"This is perfect! I've already busted two pile ups with it."

The quote just drips with ham radio pleasure!

This new feature is available in the latest download of DDUTIL

Here is a shot of me using the new setup in the K8LEE/CY0 pileup on 160 this evening