Thursday, March 17, 2011


I got up this morning hoping the VU4 was on 40M. He was on 15M. I have the slightest chance to work him in the morning on 40M

As you can see he still has 15 to 30 min of daylight when it's my sunrise but at least this morning NO GO. I'm off this week so I have the time to try and listen at sunrise. I am usually starting my first case at the surgery center by 7:30 so I'm out the door.

Its about 4:30 EDT now and I have the freq in my sites on 40M I can see the EU pile up building. The pile up looks to be about 5 khz wide from 7005 up to 7010 and I can tune around using the watch receiver to listen to the pile while still keeping both RX1 and RX2 synced in diversity mode

By listening to the pileup I can tell who is hearing the VU4 and by watching the S meter I can easily see how conditions are building. It makes for a very handy setup.

I still have about 2.5 hours of daylight before I have even the slightest chance of hearing him, hopefully he will still be on 40M by then

There is also a S21YZ in Bangladesh happeing up on 30M There is a pretty good EU pileup on him as well:

As you can see by comparing the plots below the S21 and the VU4 are on the exact beam heading so if they are still there I have a chance of working either or both just around my sunset and through the hour of shared darkness until their sunrise

It was kind of them to go on DX pedition together in different spots along the same path :)