Friday, February 25, 2011

DX frustration

What's wrong with this picture? This morning I have a late start at my surgery center, but I'm a creature of habit. I rolled out of bed made my Latte and arrived at the operating position here at W9OY at the usual time. Generally I have to leave for work before the gray line hits, but today I was able to catch the gray line.

I checked Spot collector (my DX cluster program), double clicked XU7ACY and in 1 second I was listening to XU7ACY on 40M. I hit F4 on my keyboard and BINGO I was in diversity mode. I hit F1 and my RX2 diversity antenna automatically tuned itself to 40M thanks to the Macro, look Ma no hands. I set the yellow dot on the big green bulls eye for best signal to noise. My line noise was gone this morning. The noise gods had smiled and relented. My noise level was down around -120dBm, no noise blankers needed. The XU was 8 or 10 dB out of the noise, weak but Q5. The AGC-T was set so the AGC was not taking down the XU's signal. The amp was fired up, idling, waiting for the command to turn 2500W of raw AC into 1500W of pure RF delight and fling it into the ionosphere. Ready to crack that XU7 with a bolt right between the ears. I'm poised, my new N3ZN paddle ready to rock and roll between my finger tips. The new supercharged CW engine in PSDR is tuned to a gnat hair of perfection. The terminator is flying over my head and he is peaking!! he is peaking!! Just as I'm about to bag him, I listen one last instant to the pileup


He's running JA's