Monday, March 16, 2009

Just my luck

I heard JD1BMM CQing his butt off on 160 this morning. No takers and I HAVE to leave BOOOO. I was exploring a group of blips on the panadapter around 1823 thinking to myself "looks like summer time conditions are here". My band noise was -116dBm so it wasn't real summery just yet, but I haven't heard much all weekend. There was a drift beacon and some weak warrbly watery carrier. As I got to the top of the blips I heard him plain as day. I went to spot him on the cluster but a JA had beat me to it

You never know when one of those blips might be very interesting

I was looking at oscilloscopes done in software. (The inevitable SDR tie in) Here is one with an arbitrary wave form generator

Who needs an OGEE curve anymore when you have one of these? I could probably use this sucker to make patterns for my router (as in wood, not as in data)