Monday, March 9, 2009

Kosrae Island on 3503

V6T simplex at least an hour to sunrise! Band noise today was -104 but the RX is so quiet he was perfect, just a couple dB out of the noise with long QSB into the noise. BUT when I heard him I HEARD HIM :) Today I could have done this chip shot with a knob radio, EXCEPT I never had a knob radio that was this quiet in terms of it not adding noise to the signal path

Terminators who needs em

Time to go save lives and win valuable prizes


I got him in the nick of time. As I walked out the door I glanced at the monitor and the war was raging. I can hear it in kitchens across America: Hey Mabel I got me Micronesia coming through on this thing! HUH??? Microwhosia??? Ham radio is fascinating.