Saturday, March 21, 2009

Other Screens and external programs

Here are a few more screens that show how the "radio" works. This is the Power Amplifier test screen. In order to set up the power amp you need an external wattmeter specifically a Powermaster from Array Solutions. This meter is used to complete the feedback loop to the radio.

When you do all this, you are actually making changes to the hardware. This layer therefore interfaces between the hardware of the F5K and the software of PowerSDR. For example to set up the actual bias voltage on the final transistors and the driver transistors, you can adjust this voltage from PowerSDR. You don't pop off the top of the radio and get out a screwdriver and hook up a meter you let the computer do it.

This screen takes you deep into the radio. You can watch this screen as the radio tunes itself and see the various controls changing for example as the carrier is nulled. In the SDR-1000 all this was done by hand. The other thing is you can change the bias for example according to mode. So if you want to run class A you can run class A just by changing the bias.

This screen takes you even deeper into the hardware.

If we were on the "Enterprise" this is the place where Mr Scott would live.....I cannna geeve ya yani moor capn she's breakin upppp...

The Temp and voltage can be monitored or this data can be exported to another program

Note the temp is revealed in the lower right corner of DDUTIL

I also have readout on VFO-A and the two boxes just above the VFO reading go to my LP-100 wattmeter. When I transmit it shows Power out and SWR. Also you can open and close the Flex Profiler program. More on that in a minute.

You have to be careful with these screens if you decide to fool with them. Screw up and y0u can destroy your radio, but I wanted to show these so you can examine a more intimate view of how the hardware interacts with the software, and to try and remove a little of the "black box" nature of the whole thing.

The Flex profiler is a program written by Bob Tracy K5KDN. Bob takes care of the cat control commands for PowerSDR and if memory serves I think he wrote the CW keyboard/memory keyer program in the radio (CWX). Here is a screen shot of Profiler for a CW profile:

Here is an explaination of what profiler does:

The FlexRadio Profiler (FRP) is a configuration management program that permits the FlexRadio user to build, store, and recall radio configurations by name. The only limit on the number of profiles that can be stored is the memory capacity of the computer on which they are stored and some common sense on the part of the user.

FRP is a standalone application. You do not have to have a FlexRadio running in order to use it. The FRP program communicates with a FlexRadio via virtual serial ports, just like a logging or contest program.

You can generate a profile in any of several ways. The easiest way is to setup your radio in a desired configuration and record that to a profile name. Another way is to set the controls on the FRP console and save them as a named profile. You can recall an existing profile, modify it, and save it to a new name. Profiles may also be saved in the same directory as PowerSDR.exe and executed from PowerSDR (SVN 1719 or later) without having FlexProfiler running. My present SVN version is 2828

So there you have it..... your way..... hold the pickle hold the lettuce